Big idea

The future organization knows exceptional employee experiences drive exceptional customer experiences.

If Maslow had created a hierarchy of organizational needs, employee experience would be the base of the pyramid.

What we're seeing

How much your customers like working with you depends on how well your employees’ needs are met. Unearthing and improving the daily, lived experiences of your employees is a surefire way to enrich the experiences you create for customers.

Why it matters

Serving your customers starts with seeing systems and processes from your employees’ points of view. The future organization needs to uncover previously-hidden connections and deeply-buried pain points in order to grow.

How strong is the employee engagement/customer service correlation?

  • 10%

    increase in customer service scores when employee engagement is in the highest quadrant
  • customer loyalty factor increase with high engagement companies
  • 1%

    increase in customer service results per 2% employee engagement increase
Sources: "Are The Really On The Job", Pont — Gallup — Career Systems

First West Credit Union meets a pressing need—better, simpler search—to better serve members.

When employees don’t have the right resources to do their jobs, you run two great risks: neither your employees nor your customers get what they need.

In 2016, First West Credit Union found itself with six intranets and few ways for employees to collaborate online. Employees were frustrated. They had to go to multiple places to find information, or they couldn’t find it at all.

“We had come to the point of paralysis,” says Bryan Mavrow, Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Communications.

Together, we created a digital experience that better served employees so they could better serve First West’s members.

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Customers want to work with great companies, and being great comes down to being curious about the people you’re working with. We are deeply passionate about making the world of work better through empathy and experience design.
Steven Fitzgerald

WestJet enables purposeful connection between WestJetters and guests worldwide

With thousands of employees working across three continents, WestJet has a complex communication landscape. And the landscape is growing more complex as the company works toward its goal of being a global airline.

To keep employees connected to guests and to each other, we worked with WestJet to create The Hub. A fully-responsive communications portal, The Hub is designed to support WestJetter-guest relationships, giving WestJetters easy access from anywhere in the world to important news, urgent alerts, and conversations about topics that matter.  

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