Habanero Leads the Way with Office System 2007

Recognizing Habanero's commitment to SharePoint and the Microsoft Office platform, Microsoft has selected Habanero to lead four rapid deployment projects on Microsoft's upcoming 2007 Office System. The Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) was created to give clients the opportunity to participate in Microsoft's pre-release activities around products such as SharePoint and Forms Server, and Office desktop applications such as Word, Excel, and InfoPath.

Habanero and its clients will greatly benefit from participation in the rapid deployment projects, as they will have opportunities for providing feedback on the features available in the new platform and for engaging directly with the Microsoft product development teams. More importantly, the projects will give companies such as GVRD, Epcor, and Catalyst the ability to begin building business solutions on the new platform that would otherwise have been too costly or simply not possible.

"We're completing the rapid deployment projects with clients that we've had long-term relationships with," says Brian Edwards, Collaboration Practice Leader. "I'm excited to see the new technology capabilities available in Office 2007 returning real business value to our clients. Our Office 2007 projects are exploiting all of the new platform features such as InfoPath forms server and records management capabilities, as well as the new Excel Services functionality in SharePoint. These solutions are now far less expensive than they were with older technology."

Microsoft will use the results of these deployments to create marketing materials and success stories that highlight the value customers can expect from the new capabilities in SharePoint and the entire Office System platform.

Stories say it best.

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