Habanero Selected as Microsoft Search Partner

Microsoft named Habanero one of 17 global Enterprise Search Partners at a recent Microsoft Partner Conference.

The announcement not only highlighted Microsoft's commitment to Enterprise Search, but also the importance of companies like Habanero for providing structured strategy, planning, and implementation around search solutions.

"We've made a big commitment to understanding the relevance of search and search technologies over the years," says Chris Radcliffe, Senior Information Architect for Habanero. "This recognition shows Microsoft understands the significance of proper planning around search initiatives."

Microsoft has recently made several announcements around its commitment to Enterprise Search. The upcoming introduction of a Search Server product will offer improvements to desktop search technologies. The new Search Center feature in Office SharePoint Server 2007 offers a single search entry point for an organizational search that brings together web, enterprise, and desktop search results in one environment.

"With recent technology announcements, Microsoft has introduced what I consider to be the first cohesive enterprise, web, and desktop search solution. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the impacts improved search capabilities will have on business and personal productivity," says Brian Edwards, Collaboration Practice Leader for Habanero.

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