Habanero Extends Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Business Tool Functionality

Habanero Consulting Group today announced that it regularly extends Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to provide customized document and records management and portal solutions for clients. As a result, the company has developed a repeatable solution framework and broad code library. The extended functionality improves SharePoint Server 2007 as a business tool, considerably reduces implementation risks, and helps maintain the solutions lifecycle for clients.

"While SharePoint Server 2007 is an excellent out-of-the box solution for some deployments, we can tap a wealth of additional solution potential by extending the platform through .NET," stated Steven Fitzgerald, President, Habanero Consulting Group.

Brian Edwards, Practice Leader, Collaboration, points to the added benefits for clients. "Our clients receive extra value from Habanero's platform for rapid development and easy deployment of SharePoint Server 2007 solutions. It enables a development team to rapidly share code and decreases the sustainment costs of SharePoint Server 2007 solutions."

The following are some of the key features Habanero includes in its solution design package:

  • rapid extranet deployment—with tools such as enhanced extranet user management and forms authentication
  • records management features—such as "move to repository" and taxonomy management tools
  • search enhancement features—such as faceted classification searches
  • single source publishing features—to enable rapid deployment of documents and content from an intranet to an internet or extranet site
  • development tools—such as Visual Studio templates for different types of SharePoint Server 2007 solutions, automated build and deployment tools for development teams, and reusable feature packages

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