Habanero Partnership Expands

Habanero Consulting Group is excited to announce an important change to the ownership structure of the firm. Effective, April 13, 2009, Habanero includes five new corporate partners, all long-term employees that have had a major impact on the company's exceptional growth in the past five years and emerged as moral and operational leaders.

By expanding the partnership, President Steven Fitzgerald and Executive Vice President Elliot Fishman were able to achieve a significant milestone in their vision to establish Habanero as a growth oriented generational firm. Fitzgerald and Fishman maintain controlling interest in Habanero.

"The expansion of the partnership offers more transparency into how Habanero can be a long-term career vehicle for employees," states Fitzgerald. He adds, "It also starts to differentiate us from lifestyle businesses—those that flourish during the careers of the people that started them and then fade away."

The following five team members purchased a portion of the partnership from Fitzgerald and Fishman:

Ben Skelton, Websites & eCommerce Practice Leader, says, "I was excited to have the opportunity to invest in the company I've grown with as an employee for the last ten years." He adds, "This is a huge evolutionary step forward for Habanero, and I'm looking forward to playing a bigger part in the company's amazing future."

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