Habanero's Caterina Sanders speaks at the 2013 Your Workplace Conference

Habanero’s Vice-President Caterina Sanders presented at the Your Workplace Conference in Kingston, Ontario, today.

The conference covered a wide range of topics related to employee experience. This year Cat was asked to speak about flexible work arrangements. She pointed out the cultural elements that have to be in place, like trust and accountability, in order for flexible work arrangements to be successful and have the effect of making people happier and more productive. Cat also touched on the pros and cons for both employers and employees that need to be addressed when setting out to create flexible arrangements. Her presentation included some examples from Habanero and provided insight into building a strong internal culture regardless of working hours or office locations.

In her role as Habanero’s Vice-President and previously as Director of Employee Experience, Caterina has spearheaded the development of the ideal employee and contractor experience at Habanero. “Employee engagement doesn’t just happen,” Caterina says. “It’s a process that begins from having a genuine intention to create a thriving workplace.”

This is the second time Caterina has presented at the Your Workplace Conference. Habanero is honoured to have the opportunity to share our strategies for improving employee engagement and workplace health with other progressive companies through such a well-run and informative national conference.

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