Habanero celebrates 20 years of powering great workplace experiences

This month, Habanero Consulting Group celebrates 20 years of powering great workplaces.

Our continued success is the result of a commitment to great employee experiences, innovative technology solutions, and a group of long-term partners actively involved in the business. The 20th anniversary is a moment to celebrate a company that’s played a role in building the local and national technology industry since its founding in Vancouver in 1996.

“It’s fantastic to see that we've been able to grow and thrive in the tech sector for 20 years. Our commitment to creating great employee and client experiences has been a key driver of our success,” said Steven Fitzgerald, co-founder and president of Habanero.

This focus enabled Habanero to survive the dot-com crash of the early-2000s, the 2008 financial crisis, and continue to thrive in Canada's current economic climate—all while enjoying high internal employee engagement and business growth. Habanero is proudly independent and owned by partners in Vancouver and Toronto.

This year is also the 10th anniversary of Habanero’s Calgary office. We’re proud of our continued success in Alberta and across western Canada.

Habanero solutions have won international awards and several former employees are founders of other successful technology companies. Habanero is actively involved in the local community, including co-founding the Vancouver User Experience Group, presenting the Vancouver User Experience Awards, and partnering with a number of charitable initiatives.

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