Build a modern intranet in 12 weeks or less

The end-to-end timeline for building a new intranet is shortening every year. How are intranet teams able to achieve this?

Go Intranet Accelerator reduces the time it takes to build an intranet. When you combine easy-to-use, practical features with a QuickStart process, even complex organizations can have a new intranet up and running in less than 12 weeks. 
Within this webinar we will discuss: 
  • Common capabilities and features in a modern intranet on Office 365 
  • How to think iteratively and build an intranet in less than 12 weeks 
  • How to govern your intranet with constant innovation and deliver ongoing digital workplace success 
Join Brian Edwards and Jan Groenendijk for a 40-minute webinar as they discuss the tools and processes involved in the creation of a modern intranet.
This event already happened, but you can check out our news and events page for other webinars to attend!

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