GO gives WestJetters communication on the fly

Using Habanero’s GO Intranet Accelerator, WestJet will build a new communications portal to connect over 12,000 WestJetters worldwide, no matter their location or device.

Designed to share important news, alerts, and rich story experiences, WestJet’s new communications portal will also integrate with Yammer’s social and two-way communication features, allowing all WestJetters to connect and engage with each other around workplace topics that matter.

Built on Habanero’s GO Intranet Accelerator for SharePoint Online in Office 365, the new portal is in development. It will be live to WestJetters this quarter.

About GO Intranet Accelerator

GO gets you up and running, in as little as 10 weeks, with an intranet crafted from 20 years’ worth of best practices. Flexible and customizable, GO is the foundation for your digital workplace experience.

Learn more about GO at connectwithgo.com.

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