The communicator's role in the digital workplace

Whether you’re right in the thick of it, or on the verge of it, digital transformation depends on one really, really important thing to keep it in check: intentional design.

“Digital workplaces are like cities,” writes Senior Consultant Barb Richards. “If you think of the places you either love to visit or live in, a certain degree of intentional design plays a role in that. Great digital workplaces are similar in that way.”

Maybe more than anyone else inside an organization, communicators have information and insight that need to inform this design.

Why? And how?

That’s what Brian Edwards, Director of Products and Services, and Mallory O’Connor, Practice Lead for Enterprise Experiences and Innovation, will talk about at an upcoming IABC event called “The communicator’s role in the digital workplace.” In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The tenets of the digital workplace and where communications fits in
  • How communicators can apply design-thinking skills to the challenge of digital transformation
  • How digital workplace solutions can evolve the role of communicators and improve the employee experience

At this event, we’ll dialogue with communicators at every career level, and especially those at the Communication Management Professional, Strategic Advisor, and Business Leader levels.

This event already happened. 

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