Habanero speaks at ConveyUX 2019 Seattle

A collaborative approach to global employee experience research

Habanero’s Senior Advisor, Workplace Experiences Mallory O'Connor and Senior Consultant Caterina Sanders are speaking at ConveyUX 2019 in Seattle.

For the seventh consecutive year, ConveryUX Seattle brings dozens of user experience speakers and hundreds of user experience enthusiasts together for education, networking, and fun.

The session 

Date: March 12, 2019 Time: 3:30 - 4:15 pm

In their 45-minute session, employee experience (EX) practitioners Mallory and Caterina share a global case study in EX. You will learn about:

  • Collaborative methods and strategies for conducting research across the globe, in multiple languages and cultures
  • Practical considerations for gathering data and co-creating insights
  • Techniques for research teams to take their findings to the next level
  • Habanero’s EX Framework that you can apply towards your initiatives

They will share more than just a “what we did” story (while that is an interesting story). They will discuss how they co-created and co-delivered the entire program alongside the client instead of taking a traditional consultant’s approach to conducting the research, presenting, and owning the insights.

The case study

In 2018, Mallory and Caterina partnered with a global, 10,000-employee, publicly traded organization. In six weeks, six countries and three languages, Mallory and Caterina engaged over 450 employees through in-person workshops, stakeholder and leader interviews, and remote workshops. This work helped take Habanero’s employee experience offering to the next level.

The power of Mallory and Caterina’s story is that researchers are more than just delivery partners, they can and should be coaches, when it comes to research, analysis, and shifting clients towards a new mental model of organizational experimentation, ongoing learning, and experience agility.

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