How to lead your organization through an agile enterprise transformation.

Whether driven by a desire for growth or more business productivity or as a response to a competitive threat, most companies are looking to enhance their organizational agility. But achieving transformational business agility is a complex change that cannot be created through a series of problem-solving, templated approaches.

In this webinar, Habanero President Steven Fitzgerald and Arrochar Founder Peter John McFarlane will discuss why agile enterprise transformation requires a newer, vulnerable style of leadership that uses the core capability it seeks to embed: agility.

The webinar will also explore:

  • The differences between running Agile processes and being an agile organization. 
  • How beliefs and behaviours that underpin your culture inform the transformation journey.
  • The role leaders must play for transformation to be successful.

This webinar is a collaboration between Habanero Consulting Group, leaders in employee experience, technology and culture-driven change, and Arrochar, experts in agile enterprise transformation.

If you have questions for Steven and Peter John, please send them to

This event already happened, but you can check out the recording here.

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