Habanero is presenting at the ALI HR Communications Strategies conference

About the conference

How are leading organizations creating engaging, dynamic communications that employees won’t ignore? Meet us in Chicago and find out.

Join leaders from organizations like Lowe’s, Loyola University Chicago, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, American Airlines, and Whole Foods Market and learn how to evolve your HR communications strategy to drive employee engagement and achieve results.

Our workshop

We will be presenting Workshop C: How to Build an Effective Intranet and Communications Roadmap at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, March 19.

Habanero Senior Experience Designer Meghan Armstrong and Brian Edwards, director of products and services, will walk you through Habanero’s approach for developing a roadmap for your intranet and HR communications initiatives. They will show you how a roadmap can build consensus across stakeholders and establish a common vision.

The workshop will use a hands-on approach to practice techniques for prioritizing initiatives and build a roadmap that will increase ownership, adoption, and support within your organization.

In this interactive workshop, learn the activities necessary to build a roadmap that supports your intranet vision, including how to:

  • Build a shared and compelling design vision with stakeholders  
  • Assess and prioritize your intranet’s features and functionality  
  • Identify conditions and measures for success 

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