6th Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference

Habanero is co-presenting with Barton Malow

About the conference

The Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) 6th Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference in Boston, July 23–25, 2019, brings together over 100 internal communications professionals to share challenges, strategize solutions, and learn from each other.

Join communications leaders from organizations like AECOM, Barton Malow Company, Cisco, McDonalds, and Quicken Loans to learn innovative ways to engage employees, align your communications, ensure leadership buy-in, and achieve results.

Our presentation

Habanero's Director, Products and Services Brian Edwards and Barton Malow Company Content Manager Anna Cangialosi will lead the case study, “Update, Modify, and Promote Your Organization’s Intranet to Become Part of Daily Office Life that Your Employees Want to Use.”

With employees nationwide and a large remote workforce, Barton Malow needed an innovative internal communications strategy to keep employees empowered and motivated and to reach the company’s goal of doubling efficiency by 2024.

Twenty months after launch, Barton Malow continues to evolve their intranet, adding new features and driving stronger engagement. It is now a powerful internal communications tool that bridges the gap between employees, internal communications, HR and senior leadership.

You too can transform your existing intranet into a powerful employee collaboration tool without breaking the bank. In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop empathy and understanding of the needs, goals, perspectives, and values of your organization
  • Ensure you're solving the right problems
  • Encourage co-creation across the organization
  • Deliver an intranet that goes beyond news and benefits with features like social sharing and commenting, plus a personal directory where remote and diverse workforce can easily connect
  • Create an intranet your employees want to use and promote it as an integral part of their daily or weekly experience
  • Measure your success through the right metrics

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