Habanero joins ServiceNow Partner program to help organizations improve employee experiences

In its continuing mission to help organizations realize their potential through the creation of exceptional employee experiences, Habanero is proud to announce their acceptance into the ServiceNow Partner program.

Steven Fitzgerald, Habanero’s president states, “We’re dedicated to helping organizations become exceptional places to work and were thrilled to find a company and technology that is so focused on improving the world of work. We’ve already helped organizations create experiences in ServiceNow for their employees across the globe and felt it was time to deepen our relationship with ServiceNow and the Now Platform.”

Habanero pairs its human-centred design approach with a deep understanding of how organizations achieve digital transformation through enterprise technology.

“We believe the modern digital workplace won’t be made up of a single technology platform,” says Brian Edwards, Habanero’s director of products and services “but rather a collection of industry-leading cloud platforms that are stitched together with a common employee experience and connected enterprise services.”

Although joining the Partner program is new, Habanero is already bringing this modern digital workplace vision to life. In addition to helping organizations create great experiences within ServiceNow, the latest release of GO, Habanero’s Office 365 SharePoint intranet, includes an integration with the ServiceNow platform.

However, this is just the beginning.

As Fitzgerald states, “We’re excited to continue to build our ServiceNow consulting and ServiceNow implementation capabilities and can’t wait to show the world how we can help companies create great employee experiences that are powered by ServiceNow.”

About Habanero

Habanero helps organizations realize their potential by bringing their purpose and values to life, creating exceptional employee experiences, and implementing the technology required to transform. Habanero pairs a human-centered design perspective with a deep understanding of enterprise technology to create exceptional experiences for everyone.

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