Habanero is presenting at the Aligning HR and Internal Communications Conference

Interested in creating a modernized employee experience that fosters collaboration and drives engagement? Join us October 28 and 29, 2020, at the Aligning HR & Internal Communications Conference, where you can gain practical tips and advice to apply immediately to your own initiatives.

As a presenter at this fully virtual conference, we are excited to share our insights on delivering a successful intranet that aligns employee experience and organizational goals.

In our session, Habanero Digital Workplace Advisor Imran Thobani and Toll Brothers Chief Diversity & Engagement Officer Corey Tendler will take you along on their journey from building a business case to launching a successful intranet.

We’ll share: 

  • What research shows about the value of intranets 
  • What senior stakeholders need to know to confidently approve your project 
  • How to choose the right platform and partner 
  • Key people and teams to bring together to ensure engagement and success across your organization 
  • Why employee experience is vital to the success of any intranet 
  • Activities to align stakeholders across the organization

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