Habanero is chairing and presenting at the Employee Experience Strategies Summit 2020

Habanero’s President, Steven Fitzgerald will be the chair of the third annual Employee Experience Strategies Summit. Join us for this virtual conference September 29 - October 1, 2020, and learn how focusing on employee experience can help your organization succeed in a continuously changing workplace and marketplace.

About EX Strategies Summit 

The third annual EX Strategies Summit will show you how to successfully design and implement employee experience solutions in your organization. Join your peers and over 20 leading speakers in the industry and learn how to:

  • Leverage links between customer and employee experience
  • Motivate employees to do their best work and boost your organizations performance
  • Improve retention rates by embrace the benefits of inclusiveness, accessibility and diversity

Future-proof your Organization with a Uniquely Amazing [employee] Experience Design

In addition to chairing the conference, Steven will lead a 30-minute session that explores how you can engage employees to intentionally and continuously create your future organization and culture.

To succeed in a constantly changing marketplace, your organization will need to adapt by finding your own unique path to connecting purpose with customer and employee experience.  Drive your organization forward and avoid a “cut and paste” approach to using idealized concepts from other companies.  Take away a blueprint to create a holistic strategy to continuously improve engagement and culture by recognizing:

  • The mindset that is holding organizations back from being the adaptive, agile organizations they need to be not just in the future, but right now
  • What experience design is and how it applies to every aspect of your organization
  • How to create a path forward using experience design to align purpose, employee and customer experience and realize the full potential of your organization

This event already happened, but you can check out Steven's talk here.

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