How to balance good governance with employee self-service in Microsoft Teams

Business productivity in Microsoft Teams can feel like a tug of war between IT operational governance and an empowered employee self-service experience. Employees want the ability to use the powerful collaboration tools available in Microsoft Teams, while IT administrators want to ensure good governance and limit content sprawl. Often, they end up pulling in opposite directions.

A common response to this is to restrict what employees can do in Microsoft 365, which can lead to frustration, reduced productivity and shadow IT.

What if you could create a great self-service experience with the appropriate operational oversight?

Join one of North America's leading experts in Microsoft infrastructure, Carmen Craciun, and Digital Workplace Consultant Mike Dumka, to discover the perfect approach to governance and self-service in Microsoft Teams. Through a combination of out-of-the-box features and third-party tools, we’ll show you how to empower employees while reducing the burden on your IT admin.

We’ll share

  • A demonstration of the employee self-service experience in Microsoft Teams
  • How to create a provisioning process that balances good governance with employee needs
  • How to automate the Microsoft Teams lifecycle, from creation to archiving
  • How to use naming conventions to manage sensitive content 

You’ll learn

  • What employee self-service can look like in Microsoft 365
  • How to eliminate shadow IT and Microsoft Teams sprawl
  • How to empower employees in Microsoft 365 without exposing your organization to risk
  • Our ideal approach to Microsoft Teams adoption
  • How governance automation can benefit employees, IT and compliance
  • What AvePoint's Cloud Governance platform looks like in action

Who should attend

This webinar is for digital workplace leaders who care about maximizing employee productivity in Microsoft 365. If you have past experience with approaches that felt like the wild west of content governance, we’ll help you plan a new strategy that works for everyone.

Our presenters

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This event already happened, but you can check out the recording here.

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