How to harness humanity to improve productivity

The stakes for organizational productivity couldn’t be higher. In today’s competitive business environment most organizations are on a journey to transform some aspect of their business. The recent shift from physical collaboration to digital collaboration and the need to align a distributed workforce have made these transitions even more challenging. Our ability to work effectively together will be a keystone of organizations that survive.

Luckily, humans are naturally wired to work together—it’s seeded deep in what it means to be human. In fact, we will forgo an individual reward to achieve a shared goal. But if collaboration is part of our natural wiring, why is it sometimes so difficult?

Research proves there are clear things leaders can do to:

  • Harness our innate ability to collaborate through clarity of purpose
  • Build high performing communities vs individual superheroes
  • Create a work environment that maximizes team productivity

Join Habanero's Director, Products and Services Brian Edwards as he shares the science of working together and what people and organizations can do to ensure teams who work together gain the highest potential for productivity.

Who should attend:

Executives, change leaders, operations and transformation heroes engaged in workplace transformation initiatives.

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