What’s your Workplace Mindset?

Habanero Consulting Group has partnered with the University of British Columbia and El Colegio de México to create a short, free survey to help people identify their Workplace Mindsets as well as their perception of the Workplace Mindsets of their colleagues and leaders. The study is being carried out by UBC researchers. This tool will also be used within organizations to help individuals, teams and organizations perform better.

This survey has been made possible by Mitacs, a national, not-for-profit organization that supports research-based innovation and builds partnerships between industry, academia and government to support industrial and social innovation in Canada.

About our survey

We have deployed the survey to a few smaller samples and now want to test it further with a much wider audience.

We invite you to take this survey to find out what your Workplace Mindset is, along with what you perceive the mindset of your colleagues and leaders in your organization to be. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you will get your results immediately.

On the last page of the survey there will be a spot for you to give us your feedback about the survey itself (e.g. did the language make sense, was it easy to use). Your comments would be really appreciated so we can develop the most robust tool possible!

Please also feel free to forward the survey on to your colleagues and friends who would be interested to better understand their motivations within their workplaces.

Why take the survey?

You’ll get insight into:

  • Your level of engagement with your work and workplace
  • What you need or are looking for from your workplace
  • How aligned you feel your Workplace Mindset is with that of your colleagues and leaders
  • The strengths and downsides of each Workplace Mindset
  • Tips on how to influence your Workplace Mindset
  • The type of organization where you will be happiest and most productive 

More about the survey

The survey is anonymous, and you won’t be asked to share any personal information. To ensure a diverse sample of respondents, we request some demographic information at the end of the survey.

Because of the nature of the questions, you should currently be employed to take the survey.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Ryan Taylor at ryan.taylor@ubc.ca.

This survey has ended.

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