Webinar: Do you know who is accessing your Microsoft 365 environment?

How to facilitate the reporting and clean-up of access controls

Most of us would never consider giving out keys to every guest who comes to our home. And we certainly wouldn’t be okay with guests letting themselves in any time they want and helping themselves to whatever they find. Unless you have regular reporting and tools in place to clean up access to your Microsoft 365 environment, you could have unwelcome guests accessing things they shouldn’t!

Microsoft 365 default setting for guest access is “on.” And we agree – guest access enables online collaboration with external partners and vendors; it improves how we work and our employee experience.

Overseeing who has access to what in Microsoft 365 doesn’t need to become another hard-to-manage task that can potentially turn into a security risk.

Join Habanero AvePoint Lead Davis de Souza and Infrastructure Architect Carmen Craciun as they discuss how AvePoint’s Policies and Insights for Microsoft 365 can help reduce the security burden by facilitating reporting and clean-up of access controls. 

You’ll learn

  • The differences between a guest user, external user, shadow user and ghost user in Microsoft 365
  • How to accurately and efficiently report on who has access to your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • How to proactively manage external collaboration in Microsoft 365 to reduce risk and complexity

Who should attend

  • IT leaders responsible for addressing the security and management of content in Microsoft 365
  • Technical specialists responsible for Microsoft 365 administration 
This event has already happened, but you can watch the recording here

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