Exploring frontline employee experiences with Microsoft Viva Connections

Frontline workers play a critical role in delivering on brand promise, shaping the customer experience and driving growth. Over the last two years, we’ve also seen how connected, engaged frontline employees can help companies be agile and quickly adjust to operational disruptions.

For many organizations, extending digital workplace capabilities to frontline workers has been a longstanding challenge. They want to support employees with not just the tools they need, but also the experiences that empower them to do their best work. The launch of Viva Connections has sparked an exciting shift; organizations are starting to reimagine how they can move beyond communication to achieve instant feedback and critical, in-the-moment connections with their teams. 

In this Microsoft-hosted webinar, Habanero Digital Workplace Advisor Chris Radcliffe will explore how you can build digital experiences that reach and engage frontline workers. You’ll discover how to keep frontline employees connected through a streamlined dashboard and empower them to contribute ideas and feedback.

We’ll discuss

  • Common challenges in connecting frontline employees
  • What makes a frontline solution complex
  • How Viva Connections can help you rethink the way you shape employee experiences

Who should attend?

Communications and IT leaders who are interested in building an intranet on modern SharePoint that takes full advantage of Microsoft 365 for Teams and Viva Connections.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

10 am PST | 11 am MST | 12 noon CST | 1 pm EST

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