Steven Fitzgerald is speaking at Spotlight on Culture

How to create an uncompromising employee experience virtually anywhere

Eye on Culture is holding a free summit, Spotlight on Culture, to explore what organizations can do to enhance employee experience in our new virtual and hybrid workplaces. Every weekday from February 1 to 26, you can join an hour-long livestreamed workshop and live Q&A, hosted by a culture expert. Attendees will also get access to special sessions and speaker bonuses.

You’ll learn

  • How to engage and connect with your employees wherever they are
  • How to design a culture to achieve your vision and goals
  • Lessons from culture experts who are creating community and evolving culture in an uncertain world
  • Specific strategies you can apply to your company, leadership or teams

Habanero session

Join the livestream February 12 for "The Changing Employee Experience," a discussion between Habanero President Steven Fitzgerald and event host Jolene Ondrik from Eye on Culture Inc.

Who should attend

This summit is for executives, leaders and culture champions who are looking to learn tangible, practical actions they can take to engage and motivate their employees.

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