Mallory O’Connor is speaking at BLEND design + business conference

BLEND brings together experts in UX research, product design, creative strategy and much more to provide an interactive connection, highlighting how the power of design has become the secret advantage to business success. In this keynote presentation, Habanero Practice Lead, Culture and Transformation, Mallory O’Connor will share her insights on crafting a meaningful career with longevity.  

Crafting an age-proof career with longevity and purpose 

Mallory has made career-crafting a conscious part of her work journey. From early experiments in a law firm to stints in psychology and eventually finding her emotional home in experience design for the workplace, her professional longevity lies in understanding her core principles and using them to reset, reskill and craft her career through several transitions. With even more change on the horizon – from evolving technology to aging to family – the need to intentionally shape her own experience, stay relevant and thrive will become even more important. ‍ 

In her keynote talk, Mallory will:

  • Share insights about her own experience maturing her career focus in an always-changing industry 
  • Dig into the shifting demographic landscape in Canada and the career opportunities it creates
  • Share ideas for how we all can benefit from an aging workforce 

This event already happened, but you can check out our events page for other events to attend!

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