Webinar: Must-knows for communicators running a SharePoint intranet

How can internal communicators leverage modern SharePoint as an effective corporate communications tool? In this webinar, we’ll explore the capabilities in modern SharePoint that communicators can use to drive readership, connection and engagement.

Senior Digital Workplace Strategist, Brian Edwards has spent 25 years following both the needs of communicators and the evolving capabilities of the Microsoft toolkit. He’ll share his insights into what’s great and promising, and what’s difficult or confounding with the current capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint.

This webinar will cover:

  • The common needs of the internal communicator
  • Microsoft’s direction for supporting enterprise communications
  • Early observations on upcoming communications features
  • The top 5 and bottom 5 capabilities in SharePoint that every communicator should be aware of

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed for internal communicators who are using or intend to use Microsoft SharePoint as a corporate communications tool.

If you have questions for our team, please send them to events@habaneroconsulting.com.

This webinar already happened, but you can view the recording here.

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