Get evidence-based employee insight with Workplace Analytics.

Use an ethics-driven, human-centred approach to understand what's happening in your organization and identify powerful changes that can improve employee experience.

Transform meeting culture

Identify and eliminate unnecessary meetings to help employees reclaim their time to focus on the work that matters most.

Boost employee wellbeing

Help employees find balance with targeted changes that increase time for focused work, enable collaboration and let them disconnect at the end of the day.

Enable change

Create meaningful and sustainable transformation by using data to identify changes that positively impact collaboration, wellbeing and productivity.

Inform decision-making

Leverage a rich set of objective data surfaced in easy-to-use guided dashboards and flexible queries to make better business decisions.

Foster agility

Identify silos that may be hindering innovation and effectiveness and unleash the potential for agile collaboration.

Support people managers

Gain visibility into your teams and track one-on-one time to make sure employees are getting the support they need.

We’ll help you move from insight to action.

You need to understand the story behind the numbers. We’ll help you make sense of the data with reliable research and analysis that puts employee experience first.
Microsoft Viva Connections

Empathetic research

We take a holistic approach to research that delivers rich insight, so you can move from patterns and trends to a concrete action plan.

Ethics in security and privacy

We take data privacy and security seriously. That's why we've developed core principles around our use of Workplace Analytics – for ourselves and our clients.

Employee-centred approach

We use a human-centred design approach to create employee experiences that set people up to do their best work.

Culture insight

We understand all the ways that culture shows up within organizations and how it can impact employee experiences.

Microsoft 365 expertise

We understand how to set up Microsoft Workplace Analytics to ensure it supports your broader Microsoft 365 strategy.

Grounded experience

We speak from experience. Many of our ideas and approaches were developed and tested right here at Habanero.
Microsoft Viva Insights Microsoft Viva Insights Microsoft Viva Insights

Our Workplace Analytics services

Art of the possible

Learn how to navigate Viva Insights and Workplace Analytics and optimize its capabilities for your unique organizational culture and goals.

Analyst training

Build in-house expertise with training and support from the Workplace Analytics analyst academy.

Employee experience design

Leverage insight to confidently lean into the opportunities that will drive success and eliminate the barriers holding you back.

Insight-driven problem solving

Understand what's happening in your organization with a broad diagnostic of collaborative behaviour patterns.

Employee wellbeing and productivity

Leverage evidence-based insight to help employees build habits and behaviours that mitigate burnout.

Implementation and configuration

Get Workplace Analytics working for your organization with customized dashboards and experiences to meet your needs.
Habanero really cares about helping clients achieve their cultural aspirations. I know that Habanero would take care of our culture the way we do, and through their empathetic research can help us make it even better.
Sharon Healy
Chief People and Culture Officer, Grant Thornton LLP

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