Why we created GO

GO helps your employees live your organization's purpose and values, understand your mission, connect, and collaborate.


The GO Intranet Accelerator is Habanero's intranet platform built for SharePoint and Office 365.

At Habanero our purpose is to help people and organizations thrive. We have worked with Communications, Human Resources, and IT leaders for over 20 years, and have witnessed new demands emerge. Information overload, changing workplace demographics, global and diverse communications needs, and rapidly evolving technology are all hurdles to being successful and thriving in their roles.

During our journey to create GO, we asked ourselves: What has changed? What has remained the same? What are the new problems organizational leaders and their teams are facing?

There is a more complex digital landscape

Tools like Office 365 can be a boon to productivity. The problem is that most organizations are still in the early stages of making sense of what their collaboration, communication, and community needs are, and these tools are multiplying rapidly and evolving daily. It’s hard for organizations to keep up!

Marry this with our personal consumer experiences of technology. Our phones, for example, are now omnipresent—with updates and new options offered daily. We rarely stop to think about how far we’ve come—those daily wow moments with our technology are things that we have come to expect.

There are new cohorts creating the digital workplace experience

Most organizations are transforming at some level, whether caused by digital disruption, the need to differentiate, or because of new demands of stakeholders. We've noticed in organizations that are ahead of the curve, there is a  new cohort forming that is tasked with planning and delivering an employees' digital experience. This cohort is made up of stakeholders from Communications, Human Resources, IT, and Facilities.

We paused on our journey to create GO to think about the modern challenges, pains, and opportunities for these stakeholders. Here’s a few of the notes on our empathy maps that stood out:

IT Leaders

  • "Being asked to lead enterprise innovation initiatives"
  • "Leading digital transformation, while also improving operational efficiency"
  • "A growing need for measurement in the solutions they help build"
  • "Moving to the cloud and Office 365"
Go related empathy maps adorning our boardroom walls.

Communication Leaders

  • "Playing a larger role in enterprise transformation"
  • "Exhausted by the selection of digital tools and still challenged by email"
  • "Getting harder to get the right information in front of the right person"
  • "Hearing from the company that people are overwhelmed"

HR Leaders

  • "Looking to create an agile and flexible workforce"
  • "Wanting to increase personal autonomy within the organization"
  • "Seeing traditional HR practices such as L&D, performance management, and on-boarding to be less and less effective"
  • "Delivering digital HR experiences"

And so we created GO

We used these insights to craft and build the GO Intranet Accelerator.

Go, at its heart, was built to support an agile workplace. We aimed its capabilities at the complex challenges of the enterprise organization.

On the surface, GO is a feature-rich intranet platform that integrates and extends our customers' brands. It includes traditional intranet features that, based on our experience, have endured the test of time and create connected and collaborative workplaces.

Under the covers we addressed many of the challenges of the modern digital workplace. We’ve incorporated features that make it easier to leverage and be productive on Office 365, organize the glut of knowledge and policy information, and find experts throughout an organization.

We also built a flexible design system and powerful development framework that can be extended to support enterprise development requirements. Most of our clients request some level of integration with line of business tools and desire the ability to enhance the platform to address their unique business needs.

And last—but definitely not least—GO has a foundation of measurement and analytics. We believe future leaders need to use the evidence that emerges from digital employee interactions and derive insight from the vast amount of data that is available.

As you can probably tell, we’re very proud of GO and can’t wait to show it to you! If you want to learn more about GO visit connectwithgo.com or get in touch with us below.

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