The importance of personal purpose in the workplace

Recently, we’ve been sharing our thoughts on organizational purpose. How to get going on an organizational purpose project and how to sustain it within an organization. And while helping organizations find and bring their purpose to life is very meaningful to me, the work we do in this area only completes half of the purpose journey.

Organizations also need to create ways for each of their people to find their own personal purpose and understand how they can live it within the organization. It is the ebb and flow between an individual’s passions and where they find meaning and organizational purpose that creates amazing careers, fulfilled lives, and organizational success.

This became personally meaningful when, in 2012, I suffered a concussion that left me unable to perform many of my duties as leader of Habanero. My daily routine had become filled with arduous tasks that, at minimum, left me depleted but could also bring me great pain. I shared my journey of recovery and how it helped me understand my purpose to at a recent Personal Purpose event hosted by our client Arc’teryx.

Here is my story:

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