Recorded webinar: Data-driven insights to transform the employee experience

Getting to know Microsoft Viva Insights

Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to improve productivity and wellbeing with data-driven insights and recommendations?

Microsoft Viva Insights, which is partially driven by Microsoft MyAnalytics and Microsoft Workplace Analytics is a cloud-based service that marries your organizational data with collaboration signals collected from everyday work in Microsoft 365. With Viva Insights your team can measure the time spent in meetings, emails, Microsoft Teams chats and ad-hoc calls for groups of employees and layer that with other information available within your company.

These insights enable organizations and individuals to have a regular pulse on behavior using quantitative data that historically has been difficult to reliably collect and analyze. Combining these insights with qualitative data can tell a powerful story, and identify key changes that can shift your culture and improve the employee experiences that fuel performance.

In this recorded webinar, Habanero’s Workplace Analytics Lead Imran Thobani digs into Viva Insights and how it can deliver the evidence-based employee insight that can help people and organizations work smarter and achieve balance.

What you'll learn

  • What platform and features power Microsoft Viva Insights
  • How Microsoft Viva Insights can enable your employee experience journey
  • Key data privacy considerations
  • How to get started with Viva Insights

Who this is for

  • People leaders responsible for supporting and enabling culture and employee experience
  • Modern or digital workplace owners responsible for managing your Microsoft 365 experiences

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