Podcast: Thriving virtually and in person with hybrid

With employees and candidates seeking greater flexibility related to the where and when of work, the hybrid work model has become more prevalent than ever. There are advantages to both working from home and in office. Allowing the flexibility to do both helps support employees and their different lifestyles and living situations. It’s also something that employees have come to expect across many industries.

To help organizations navigate this new normal, Habanero Director, Employee Experience ⁠James Sloane⁠ sat down with ⁠Caterina Sanders⁠, senior advisor, workplace experiences, and ⁠Toni Albert⁠, experience designer, to talk about their insights on hybrid work. Caterina and Toni share a deep passion for employee engagement, organizational change and high-performing cultures. During the pandemic, they conducted a research study into the effect of this rapid change on organizational culture and employee experience, and they’ve since helped numerous companies – including Habanero – define their own approach to hybrid.

In this episode of the Bringing Life to Work podcast, they share their opinions on the hybrid workplace as it relates to employee experience.

Hybrid doesn’t sit outside of how you work. It's not an extra benefit that can be given and taken away. It’s how you all work together and move as an organization.
Toni Albert
Experience Designer

Listen to Caterina and Toni respond to these questions about hybrid working:

  • Is it eroding our sense of connection?
  • What are some common challenges?
  • How can organizations get started?

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