Habanero’s meeting kickstarter toolbox

At Habanero, we regularly facilitate meetings of all kinds, from project status updates to empathetic research workshops and multi-day retreats. It’s something our clients tell us we do really well! Many organizations are navigating new remote and hybrid work arrangements that call for intentional moments of connection. So we wanted to share some of the tools we use to bring people closer together no matter where they’re working from.

Introducing our meeting kickstarter toolbox: a virtual treasure trove of Habanero-approved activities designed to help employees build connection and trust during meetings.

It allows you to browse activities by your meeting duration, location, group size, trust level and general vibe. You can read through the tips from Habs to tailor these activities for the best possible meeting experience. We’ve also included some handy Miro templates to get you started.

If you're facilitating meetings and need to get your participants in the right headspace, allow our meeting kickstarters to help you achieve your goals:

Share and connect

Spark fun conversations that help people get to know each other better.

Reflect and align

Share personal perspectives to build confidence and trust among teams.

Engage and collaborate

Get active and creative with team activities that bring everyone together.

Care and support

Take a moment to check in, get grounded and be present together.

We hope this toolbox helps your teams strengthen their relationships, align around common goals and achieve more together.

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