Successful approaches to organizational change

What does it take to create lasting transformational change within a company?

On July 18th, join Habanero President, Steven Fitzgerald, and Brian Edwards, director of products and services as they discuss successful approaches to enterprise or organizational change.

“Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again.” –Graeme Wood 

Whether you are a leader looking to turn up the dial on the effectiveness of people working with digital tools, or you are attempting to shift your organizational culture, you have likely already faced the question of how you can create meaningful organizational change.

Scratching beneath the surface of common organizational change approaches exposes a change façade where new processes, updated tools, training, incentives and communications give the illusion of change, while the behaviours and beliefs that underlie them never shift.

In their conversation, Steven, and Brian will:

  • Explore why change that happens to people rarely works.
  • Discuss ways that leaders can work with employees to define the direction and destination of lasting change

Join our change leadership webinar to hear what our employee experience and organizational culture experts have learned about making sure change is integrated and adopted in large organizations.

This event already happened, but you can check out the recording here.

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