Webinar: Understanding and intentionally changing your corporate culture

To drive future business growth

According to Gartner “only 3 in 10 business leaders are confident their organization has the culture it needs to drive future business performance.”

We know that great corporate cultures improve customer service, increase sales and revenue, improve employee engagement, and improve nearly every other positive business measure.

So why is corporate culture a mystery, and why do organizations struggle to optimize their cultures to meet their business and customer needs?

Join Habanero President, Steven Fitzgerald, and Brian Edwards, director of products and services, as they discuss the world of corporate culture including:

  • What is corporate or organizational culture, and can it be shaped?
  • Are certain cultural attributes more important than others?
  • How past beliefs can get in the way of true cultural reflection.
  • How to find the right approach for your organization.
  • How to go beyond surveys and data to get a clear understanding of your culture.

Who should attend: This webinar is perfect for people who are passionate about moving their organizations forward by creating great employee experiences and intentional cultural change.

This event already happened, but you can check out the recording here.

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