Webinar: Engage your frontline and field workers with Microsoft 365 and GO

Many organizations have created a modern digital workplace experience with Microsoft 365, providing employees with a platform that better supports purpose, connection, collaboration, learning and insight. However, one audience is still often left out – frontline and field workers.

For many internal communicators, reaching field workers is a significant challenge. To communicate with this important group, they rely on newsletters, printed posters and handouts, in-person briefings and digital signage (when available).

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix, and the barriers can seem daunting. Licensing, authentication and security, device management and creating a tailored experience present challenges for many organizations. Yet, the benefits to better engaging with this essential audience are becoming clearer and more compelling.

In this webinar, Ben Skelton, Habanero vice president, and Will Hardy, Habanero practice lead for employee portals, will:
  • Explore the fieldworker opportunity
  • Discuss common barriers
  • Demo an engaging and personalized fieldworker experience
  • Share considerations for creating your business case

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed for internal communicators and the technology and digital workplace teams who support them.

This webinar already happened, you can view the recording here.

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