Habanero and Corus at the Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) 11th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference

Habanero Vice President Ben Skelton will be co-presenting alongside Corus Director of Communications Natalia Williams at the Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) 11th Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference in San Francisco from January 30 to February 1, 2024.

About the conference

With internal communication at a turning point, this conference will explore new strategic internal communications strategies to boost culture, employee engagement and collaboration to adapt and prepare for 2024. As the top-rated conference for internal communicators, it provides the opportunity to connect with peers, share stories and hear the latest best practices for engaging your employees.

Our session: Lessons learned from Corus Entertainment’s modern intranet journey

Corus, a leader in creating premium content for audiences around the world, launched its modern intranet in early 2023. Corus Central was designed to create a unifying experience for a distributed hybrid workforce, increase employee connection and engagement, better reflect the Corus brand, and support the organization’s unique culture.

Join us as we walk through learnings from the creation of Corus’s new intranet.

Through Corus’s story, you’ll learn the following key elements of an intranet journey:

  • Determining what an intranet should be and can become
  • Capabilities that bring communications pillars to life
  • Tips and insights for a smooth implementation
  • Continuous improvement through a test, measure and learn approach 

This event already happened, but you can check out our events page for other events to attend!

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