Webinar: Intranet consolidation strategies and approaches

Are multiple intranets complicating communication at your organization? You’re not alone. Many intranet managers and internal communicators wrestle with the challenges of intranet site and content sprawl: siloed news, poor search experience, lack of content governance and an inconsistent employee experience. They’d love to move to a consolidated intranet model, but don’t know where to start.

In this webinar, Habanero Vice President Ben Skelton and Digital Workplace Advisor Chris Radcliffe will explore the pitfalls of a disjointed intranet experience and share strategies you can use to rein in your content.

You’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of unified, hybrid and decentralized intranet models
  • The benefits and challenges of consolidating multiple intranets
  • How the architectural building blocks of SharePoint can help you consolidate intranets
  • Factors to consider when building a unified strategy for your intranet

Who should attend?

Communicators and IT professionals in organizations dealing with significant intranet site and content sprawl due to multinational or complex intranets.

If you have questions for our team, please send them to events@habaneroconsulting.com.

Can’t make it on June 6? Register anyway and we’ll send you the video recording.

June 6

9 am PDT | 10 am MDT | 11 am CDT | 12 noon EDT


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