HR and the Modern Workplace: Using design thinking to create successful digital transformation

Effectively completing a digital transformation can be challenging and risky. HR is in a unique position to help optimize this change, given its connection to employees and, often, ownership of corporate culture. Leveraging design thinking techniques can empower HR leaders to lift digital transformation projects from technology-focused initiatives to ones where the employee experience is at the centre of the change.

72% of HR professionals feel digital HR is important or very important yet only 9% feel ready for it.

Global Human Capital Trends 2016, Deloitte

I recently hosted a webinar to cover exactly these topics. In it I share how HR can be instrumental during a transition into a modern digital workplace, and more specifically:

  • the common tenets of the digital workplace
  • how HR can apply design thinking skills to the challenge of digital transformation 
  • an example of where design thinking, HR, and the digital workplace intersect: onboarding

Here are the downloadable templates mentioned during the webinar.

  • Project canvas (PDF)
    Use a project canvas to help organize all your project principles before you begin in earnest.
  • Research plan (Visio)
    Research plans are great for laying out the details of how you’re going to collect all the data you will need for your initiative.     
  • Experience map (.PNG)
    Experience maps can do a number of things, like communicate research findings, address pain points, uncover opportunities, build empathy and challenge assumptions. 
  • Visual SWOT (PDF)
    Consider using a visual SWOT as a way to generate ideas quicker, make it more fun (and creative) for the team. 
  • Blueprint (PDF)
    Service Blueprints can be very helpful in showing all the necessary action required to bring one element of an experience to life. It uses a stage metaphor to organize all of its information. 

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