Building your intranet in Office 365?

Tips and tricks for building a successful intranet on Office 365.

In 2015, we wrote a white paper on considerations for building your intranet in Office 365—an emerging concept at the time. The white paper continues to be one of the most popular resources on the web on the topic of intranets and Office 365. We heard from many organizations that the white paper helped them understand if they should move their intranet to Office 365 and how they could be successful with move to the cloud.

Fast forward two years, and the landscape has changed. The Office 365 platform has continued to evolve and the cadence of updates and enhancements has surprised many. The intranet market has also transformed, and many enterprise organizations are leveraging platforms to build their intranet on top of.

Early last year we created Go Intranet Accelerator to help organizations build phenomenal communication and cultural experiences in SharePoint Online and we’re humbled that several leading organizations trust Go as the foundation for their intranet.

We decided it was time to update the white paper, but thought we would take a slightly different approach. The first white paper was quite technical, while the new one is written for intranet managers, communicators, and technology decision makers who want to understand how you can be successful building your intranet on Office 365.

Download the new white paper:

Building a modern intranet on Office 365 [PDF | 1.2 MB | 26 pages]

Other resources you may find valuable:

Building the case for a move to Office 365? Check out our Insight post: How to write the right business case to move your intranet to Office 365.

Would you like to improve life at work with better communication and collaboration? Read Why we created Go and visit our product site for Go Intranet Accelerator.

We would love your feedback on these resources. Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think!

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