Webinar: The role of the modern intranet in powering the new world of work

Two common themes are emerging from the employee experience feedback organizations are collecting:

  • People want to feel a greater connection to their company’s purpose
  • Employees want hassle-free workplace technologies that solve problems instead of creating them

While these may appear to be two disparate concepts, the modern digital workplace can (and should) address both of these needs. Many progressive organizations are recognizing this, but find themselves stuck on how to truly bring this idea to life.

In this recorded 90-minute webinar, Habanero consultants Ben Skelton and Caterina Sanders explore:

  • What a modern intranet is and what it should do (and not do)
  • How to support a purposeful culture with a digital workplace
  • The current digital landscape and the available tools and technologies
  • How to build a digital workplace plan

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