Recorded Webinar: Control Microsoft Teams sprawl and migration chaos

Are you worried about setting up Microsoft Teams for success to avoid content sprawl?

If you are worried about setting up Microsoft Teams for success to avoid content sprawl, you are not alone. Most companies are in a similar position. We no longer have the luxury of gradually rolling out Office 365. Instead, everyone has been in a race to set up the best work-from-home technology experiences possible, and Microsoft Teams has taken a leading role.

While most companies now have Microsoft Teams launched, very few have set up their governance for long-term success. Many organizations are now facing the challenge of engaging employees and consolidating a mess of content and collaboration practices from the old world into Office 365.

In this recorded webinar we share our insight on implementing Microsoft Teams and explore how AvePoint’s Cloud Governance and FLY Migration tools can help.

Habanero Digital Workplace Consultant Mike Dumka will be your host, joined by guests Sam Valme, AvePoint’s partner enablement program manager, and Carmen Craciun, AvePoint technical lead at Habanero, who will be available to answer questions about the AvePoint cloud management and migration tools and much more.


    • What you (really) need to know about configuring Microsoft Teams
    • What you should be worries about content sprawl
    • Migration insights to help you move legacy content into Office 365
    • How AvePoint’s Cloud Governance and FLY migration platform can help

    Who this is for

    If your organization recently moved to Microsoft Teams and is experiencing rapid adoption, this webinar is for you! We will share the steps we use to help organizations rapidly deploy, establish governance and enable collaboration so your employees can work anywhere, anytime and from any device.

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