Recorded webinar: Microsoft Viva information briefing

Technology has a pivotal role to play in the new world of hybrid workplace experiences. Organizations everywhere are rethinking how they can address new challenges such as:

  • How do we onboard employees virtually?
  • How do we protect people from burn-out?
  • How do we keep people connected and engaged?
  • How do we share knowledge when we are so geographically distributed?
  • How do we support growth and balance wellbeing when we can't see how people are really doing?

To help address these emerging needs, Microsoft recently launched Viva, an employee experience platform that aims to create single, integrated experience, accessed directly in Microsoft Teams. We applaud the vision, but can Viva deliver on this ambitious objective, and what does it mean for organizations right now?

In this recorded webinar Habanero Director, Product and Services, Brian Edwards, Practice Lead, Employee Portals, Will Hardy and Managing Consultant, Workplace Analytics, Imran Thobani discuss the essential details of Microsoft Viva, take a closer look at the four capability pillars and provide key considerations to help you understand what’s coming.

You'll learn how to

  • Build and retain enterprise knowledge and expertise with Viva Topics
  • Help employees learn in the flow of work with Viva Learning
  • Support connection and community in a hybrid world with Viva Connection
  • Improve employee wellbeing with Viva Insights

Who this is for

Employee experience and digital workplace specialists, HR leaders, internal communicators, intranet managers and IT strategy managers.

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