Recorded webinar: So, what intranet features do people actually use?

We start every intranet project by getting to know employees’ needs and priorities, so we can identify opportunities to introduce new capabilities and features. This human-centred approach often results in easy adoption and high engagement at launch.

But what your employees need from their intranet continues to evolve after you go live. If intranet engagement is flagging, it might be time to introduce new features – or even consider a new product – but how will you know what steps to take next?

Here are a few approaches:

  • Employee research is an important first step to understanding employee needs, but not all organizations have the in-house resources and time to do it regularly.
  • Analytics will tell you what features and content people are using, but they won’t give you insight into what employees are missing or how to improve engagement.
  • Intranet awards provide a range of inspiring intranet examples, but they lack some of the detail and context you may need to implement the features successfully in your organization.

Instead of these methods, it can be just as important to look at broader intranet usage trends across a larger sample of intranets.

In this recorded webinar, Ben Skelton, Habanero vice president, and Brandon Martel, GO product support specialist use the aggregate analytics from GO intranets to understand which features are worth your time.

We cover:

The intranet hits

The features and capabilities that drive the most intranet traffic and usage across all GO intranets. If you are looking to add additional features to your intranet, this is the list you’ll want to start from.

The hits-and-misses

Some features are highly successful in some organizations, while they receive low usage in others. We share these features and talk about why some organizations see more usage than others. You’ll want to consider if you have the right culture and governance in place before introducing these.

The low performers

We share a couple of common intranet features that don’t get a lot of usage across all our intranets. We discuss some of the reasons why you might want to think twice before introducing them and the steps you can take to ensure your implementation has the highest chance of success.

Who it's for

This webinar is perfect for anyone designing a new intranet and intranet managers and or communicators who want to increase intranet engagement.

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