Manage, govern and support Microsoft 365 with AvePoint.

AvePoint’s migration tools and management, protection and backup solutions make working in Microsoft 365 more seamless, secure and predictable.

Boxes moving on a conveyer belt to a secure cloud and then to files on a laptop.

Solve your cloud, hybrid and on-premises challenges.

Streamline governance

Automate provisioning, management and lifecycle for Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams.

Provide better backup

Access fast, flexible and intelligent data backup for Microsoft 365.

Simplify migration

Easily audit, plan, schedule and migrate from SharePoint on-premises to Microsoft 365, Slack to Microsoft Teams, or from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another.

Reduce the effort of managing Microsoft 365.

As AvePoint’s exclusive partner serving Western Canada, we help industry-leading organizations better govern, manage and support Microsoft 365.

Employee experience leaders

We’ve been recognized by Gartner and ALM Vanguard for our exemplary approach to delivering great technology-enabled employee experiences.

Microsoft 365 expertise

We’ve been designing and implementing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 solutions since the first version of each platform and understand how to create exceptional employee experiences.

Enterprise savvy

We understand the complexities of working with large organizations with a global footprint. We help build alignment, foster adoption and drive change across the enterprise.

Stories say it best.

Habanero has intimate knowledge of the unique Microsoft technology needs of Canadian customers. They pair a human-centered design approach with a deep understanding of how organizations achieve digital transformation through enterprise technology.
Tom Ward
Partner Account Manager, AvePoint

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Our commitment to reconciliation

Learn how Habanero is responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action as a settler-owned company operating on Indigenous territories across what is now called Canada.

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