Airport experiences

Create human-centred experiences for passengers and employees.

Improve passenger and employee experiences, increase non-aeronautical revenue, and make travel more accessible for all.
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Take your organization to the next level.

Anticipate passenger needs

Leverage digital solutions, like predictive insights and location services, to surprise and delight passengers while increasing non-aeronautical revenue.

Create end-to-end journeys

Stitch together mobile, email, social and SMS, and in-terminal experiences such as kiosk and digital signage, to deliver seamless experiences across channels.

Engage your employees

Connect people to purpose and give them the technology and tools they need to do thrive at work and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Digital services to transform passenger and customer experiences

Websites and personalized Wi-Fi experiences

Intranets and employee portals

E-commerce and loyalty research

Kiosk and in-terminal signage experiences

Recorded webinar: Reaching your airport website’s full potential

A video for digital and technology teams that design, build and support airport websites.

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A human-centered design approach

See how this approach can support your digital strategy, enabling you to develop a deeper understanding of passengers
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Understanding emerging trends and best practices

Explore real-world examples of how airports support the passenger journey by providing information their audiences need.
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Future innovation areas

Navigate inevitable roadblocks by providing ample support to surprise and delight passengers in times of frustration.

Engaged employees create better customer experiences

  • 10%

    increase in customer service scores when employee engagement is in the highest quadrant
  • 39%

    of global airport revenues are derived from non-aeronautical sources
  • customer loyalty factor increase with high engagement companies

SOURCES: American Concrete Institute (ACI) and “Are The Really On The Job”, Pont — Gallup — Career Systems

People and culture services to align and engage employees

Your business wins when your employees are set up to do their best. Align your employee and customer experiences to create a unique, sustainable competitive advantage.

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Purpose and values

We can help you uncover a purpose to guide your strategy and decision making, align your customers, partners and investors, and motivate and engage your employees at a deeper level.
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Change management

We can guide you through a process that leverages your strengths and empowers people to change with confidence. You’ll develop organizational capability to survive and thrive in rapidly changing conditions.
Working with the team at Habanero was a delight. We were able to meet our goal of bringing our award-winning airport experience online. We are proud of and our partnership with Habanero!
Alana Lawrence
Manager, Corporate Communications, YVR

Design travel that’s accessible for everyone.

In this series of insight posts, Habanero designers share their thoughts, strategies and techniques for inclusive and accessible design.

Read the series
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